Termo gravimetrija


The SENSYS evo TG-DSC offers the most precise DSC sensor together with atruly symmetrical microbalance to give YOU a combined TG-DSC system with totally unmatched performance. Additionally both measurement sensors are totally independent , so can be operated independently or simultaneously without compromising performance.


– Coupling to gas analysis (FTIR, MS) – New 3D high-precision Cp sensor – Cp measurement within 2 % up to 1600 °C – Calisto software LABSYS evo offers TGA with simultaneous DTA or DSC and Cp measurement within the temperature range of ambient to 1 600 °C. The LABSYS evo features a NEW high performance top loading

SETSYS Evolution TGA

Widest temperature range (ambient/ 2400°C) on the market covered by a single oven. Modular system: interchangeable DTA, DSC, TGA and TMA modules can be used with the same basic structure High-precision balance in high position, available with two weighing capacities: 35 g or 100 g Simultaneous TGA-DTA measurements up to 2400°C, TGA-DSC up to 1600°C

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